We take the guesswork out of automotive repair and maintenance.

We know that your vehicle is valuable, which is why we want you to get the most out of it. We strive to deliver expert services at affordable prices using state of the art equipment. 

Our approach

Our business is entered on our customers. We understand that you are busy but expect professional work done on your vehicle, in the hands of someone you can trust. That is why we only use genuine parts, manufactured by your car maker in the repair and servicing of vehicles. We have invested in modern equipments and continuously train our technicians to ensure that they are up to date with local and international standards. 

Our core values

Commitment to customers

We strive to deliver exceptional services that delight and exceed our customers’ expectations each time.


We ensure that all our services and products are of the highest standards, so we can deliver superior value to our customers.


We always do what is right. We ensure that all our dealings are honest and of the highest moral standards. 

Continuous learning

Through continuous learning and investing in the latest equipment, we are constantly looking for ways to serve our customers better. 

Our team

Paul Kirimi- Workshop Manager

Paul has a deep passion for all things cars and great attention to detail. That is why he is in charge of making sure that every car that passes through our garage is repaired to the highest standards and in a timely fashion. He has extensive experience – talk about his past experience and how he makes sure customers are delighted by the quality of work done on their cars

Leonidah Akumu- Head of Marketing 

Leonidah is responsible for creating and executing  our marketing strategy. She has an MBA in strategic management and a Bachelors in Social Sciences. Leonidah has a wealth of experience in marketing having been in the industry for almost a decade. 

Alex Wambua- Internal Assessor

Alex is well informed about cars. Each time a vehicle comes to our garage he is able to assess its condition and make recommendations on how to improve it. He has a background in mechanical engineering from- the school he went to- and extensive experience in the automotive industry.

Martha Achieng- Head of Retail

Martha manages the day to day administrative functions of the business. She has a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship and an Undergraduate degree in Financial Economics. Martha is constantly looking for ways to push the company forward while exceeding customers’ expectations. She has international experience from Melbourne, Australia where she worked in a customer-centred environment.

Gladys Muleso- Business Administrator

Gladys ensures that our office runs smoothly and efficiently. She is the first point of contact for our customers and makes it her mission to ensure all our customers’ needs are met in a friendly and swift manner. She has experience working in a customer facing role in  

Willis Ominde- Accounts Manager 

Willis is the company’s numbers guy. He spends most of his days poring through our accounts making sure that our finances are in order. 

Company Directors

Our founders, Mr. Mark Okumu and Veronica Okumu, oversee the general management of Haji Motors. Since the company’s inception in 2002, they have provided strategic guidance ensuring that the company achieves both its short term and long-term objectives.